Can You Help Us Find These Classmates?

(An Initial Partial List)

Please send the Reunion
Committee a short message using the "Contact Us" page to report information on how to reach any of our classmates.  We may have exhausted our current research abilities in locating them.  Included are a couple of names of classmates who in the end did not graduate with us, but about whom we have had inquiries from you.




Karen Lee Adams
Marilyn Allbaugh (Carter)

Sharon L. Barclay
Carolyn S. Barker
Dianne Barnard
Patricia Ellen Becker

Richard William Bell

Marilyn Bennett   

Donna Joan Benson

Patricia Jean Benton

Hermine Emile Berchem

Ardith Bishop
Sharon Anne Black
Ron Bone

Judith Ann Brewer
Joan Ellen Brockway
Wyla Jean Bunting

Victor D. Burfoot

Kenneth Stephen Cairns

Renee Lee Carlson (Greco)

Cathy L. Carnahan

Doralalee Ruth Carstensen
Karen Lee Case

Lana Karen Cesarotti

Gwendoyln Faye Childers
Bonnie Baldwin Clark

Tamara B. Clark

Donald Henry Coop

Michelle Costello

Suzanne Coulson

Etta Mae Dickens

Emma Jean Ellis (Couthran)
Mikie Garza
Dianne Jean Gasperetti
Linda Sue Gray
Jim Keselburg
George Thomas King
Edward Knutson
Gaither Martin Kodis
Michael Lamb
Richard Burton Lamberth
Garnett Land
Colan Rinehart Lanier
Douglas Lowry
Steven Edward Lundstrom
Mary Jean May
Sharon Kay Mayfield (Baston)
James M. McClintic
Dean A. McVey
George Albert Millen
Morgan Mitchell
Jim Lee Morgan
Lanny J. Nelson
John D. Nestor
Dean C. Norton
Donald K. Olson
Sandra Jean Olson
Julie Kaye Parks (Amidon)
Richard Pearson
Robert L. Peck
Bernard L. Perkins
Loralee Ann Perry (Rajack)
Peter W. Putnam
Nathaniel Ramsey
Wayne Reffner
William G. Richards
Donald L. Rucker
Dean R. Sargent
Jeanette M. Wilson