Use this page to let the Reunion Committee know whether or not you plan to attend any of the scheduled events.  

      The Reunion Luncheon will be held on Saturday, September 10th, with an earlier TGIF non-host gathering the previous evening. Foley's at the Meadow Park Golf Club will serve once again as the venue for our TGIF.  Our Saturday Luncheon will be held this year at the Oakbrook Golf Club.   Your personal checks should be sent to  Dave Thompson no later than August 27th, if you will be attending the Saturday Luncheon.  The sooner the better!  His address is listed under the "Detail of Events". 

       Upon receipt of your check, you have a reserved place at the Luncheon.  However, should you subsequently be unable to attend due to unforseen circumstances, your money can be refunded provided you advise us in advance.  Please contact Dave soonest in such cases. 

       Please send an RSVP message if you plan to attend the earlier 'No Host' Friday Night event on September 9th at the Meadow Park Golf Club Grille 'Foley's.'  This will allow us to have a rough count on the number of classmates who may be in attendance.

     Chris McEachron Hanson is organizing a Golf Tournament at the Oakbrook Golf Course for Friday morning, September 9th.  Chris will need an RSVP from those interested since space may be limited.  Again, use the RSVP page to indicate that you will participate.