This page allows you as well as members of the Reunion Committee to upload individual photographs and albums of photos for viewing.  We have retained the photos submitted for our previous Class Reunions. 

You can upload photos yourself. 

First, simply click on the box below labeled "Upload Your Photos". 

Second, we recommend that you 'click' on the "Choose Preferred Album" box to select where you wish to place your photographs. 

The "Classmate Photographs" Album will serve as the miscellaneous album for any photographs your wish to share with your classmates, from the very recent to those of your days at Clover Park -- including old ones stached away in a trunk!

The "'School Classroom Photographs" Album serves as the place to upload the old classroom photos going back to Kindergarten. 

We have also made two separate Albums for pages from the 1961 Klahowya

Four separate Albums were set up for you to download any photos from the four individual events held during our 2011 Reunion:  
   2011 Reunion Friday Night No-Host Gathering;
   2011 Reunion Golf Tournament;
   2011 Reunion Dinner; and
   2011 Reunion Brunch.

Three additional Albums have been created for the 2016 Reunion:
   2016 Reunion Friday Night No-Host Gathering;
   2016 Reunion Golf Tournament; and
   2016 Reunion Luncheon.

We also added in 2017 another album simply entitled "Reminisce," allowing us to provide some wonderfurl glimpses of the past.

Three additional Albums have been created for our 2022 '60 Plus' Reunion:
   2022 Reunion Golf Tournament; 
   2022 Reunion Saturday Luncheon; and

   2022 Saturday Night No-Host Gathering

All photos will be viewed and approved for display by the website administrator.  Once approved for display, anyone will be able to view them on our class reunion website. 

Remember, you can download a 'before' photograph from the past plus a 'current' photograph of yourself on the "Classmate Profiles" page, along with a written description about what has occupied your life for the past 60 plus years.
Upload multiple photos at a time by clicking on
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Pictures that show up sideways need to be rotated offline and need to be uploaded again.