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Daniel P McCreedy
Catholic Priest, Saint Martin's Abbey, Lacey Committed Relationship 2022-06-25 13:48:05

Father Justin (Daniel) McCreedy, member of Saint Martin's Abbey, Lacey Washington, 1963-Present.  Ordained December 26, 1970.  High School Teacher, 1969-1975.  Saint Martin's College, 1975-1976.  Parish Priest, 1977-1982 in Seattle.  Hospital Chaplain, 1982-Present.  Seventeen years Staff Chaplain, Yakima, Washington (1987-2004).  Chaplain at Tacoma General, Mary Bridge, Allenmore, and Good Samaritan Hospital 2004-2014.  Parish Staff, All Saints Church, Puyallup, Washington  2004 to 2014.  Three Year Term, Board of Trustees, Saint Martin's University 2008-2011.  Graduate degrees in Theology and Pastoral Counseling.  Residence in University Place.   

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Dave McGoldrick
lawyer Married 3 2012-08-06 20:02:53

I am still practicing law in Tacoma with the firm of Morton McGoldrick P.S.
My wife and I have three children, Peter, John and Katie.   We have four grandchildren.
We live on Oro Bay on Anderson Island where we raise horses, apples, clams and grandchildren.  Jeanne and I are involved in many volunteer activities.   We run and support a free medical clinic in Tacoma's hilltop.  We have been missionaries to Africa.  Jeanne runs the events at the old historic Johnson farm on Anderson Island.  We were just elected as man and woman of the year for Anderson Island.  I am on the Board of Trustees for the WSU Foundation and advise its Honor College.  We have been blessed.  Life is good.

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Melinda Hays (McKillip)
Retired Widowed 4 2022-04-10 20:03:53
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Karen Keehn (McPherson)
Profile picture
retired Widowed 1 2012-08-06 20:02:15
Can it really be 50 years?  Similar to some of you, my life has had lots of twists, turns, peaks, valleys, u-turns, dead ends, and amazing blessings.  All and all it has been rich, varied, full of challenges and wondrous adventures.  I am now living the good life enjoying my wonderful family (my son's 3 little kiddos + 7 more I claim who all live close), fabulous friends, & fun hobbies in retirement.   


FIFTY YEARS!!!  Our little orb keeps on spinning.  If we’re lucky, we just keep holding on, despite being held together with tape. staples, rivets and owning fewer factory-original parts.  We sure have some amazing stories to tell, though!  I look forward to hearing some of yours.


Karen (Keehn) McPherson

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Susie (Ellen) Engman (Melzo)
retired Widowed 2 2022-06-25 20:44:23
How can we possibly be celebrating 61 years!  Are we even that old?  There have not been many changes in my life. I was widowed nearly 19 years ago.  I have a son and daughter and one very perfect granddaughter. She is attending the Uof W studying Bio Chem and it has been such a joy reliving my days of living near the campus!!  It is fun to walk the campus and tell her stories of my days there, when I worked at the UW medical center and ran the heart cath lab.  
I still go to the gym 5 days a week and keep busy with my friends and family. My son lives in Puyallup and my daughter in Colorado.  Other than the usual aches and pains that come with aging, I've been blessed with good health. I look forward to seeing everyone in September. 
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Sharon Wayno (Meyer)
Retired Married 2 2012-08-06 20:02:25
In 1964 I moved to San Francsco and worked for the Federal Government where I met my husband of 42 years.  My last position was that of a Public Information Specialist for all levels of government in the San Francisco bay area.

After raising our two children, we sold our house and traveled for a year in our motorhome.  We still enjoy traveling and are fortunate to be living in northern San Diego County, close to the ocean and mountains.

We are enjoying our three grandsons, family and great friends.  Every day is truly a blessing and life is very good!

A special "thank you" to all the committee members who are making this reunion possible.  I am looking forward to seeing you and many others at the dinner Saturday night. - Sharon
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Eric Moore
Retired and part-time marketing consultant Divorced 2 2012-08-06 19:56:50

When I graduated from CP in '61 I had a Presidential nomination for both West Point and the Air Force Academy.  However, my military career was dashed when I failed the physical (asthma).  So I enrolled at the UW in Seattle and graduated in Dec '66 with a BA degree in Business and a major in marketing.  Spent a year with Boeing in Seattle right after graduation but quickly realized that a marketing degree in an engineering company is futile without an engineering background.  Found my niche after being recruited by The Coca-Cola Company.  Lived and worked in some great places (Eugene, Denver, Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Atlanta).  Highlights: Director of Marketing for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in New Orleans ('76-'81), Director of Marketing for the CC Bottling Co in Denver ('81-'87), national Brand Manager for Cherry Coke in Atlanta ('87), VP Marketing for Sunkist Soft Drinks in the U.S. ('87-'88), Marketer for the Coors Brewing Co. Southern Region (13 states...'89-'93), Group Marketing Mgr for Coca-Cola USA ('94-'98).  Took early retirement from Coca-Cola in '98 and became a marketing consultant.  I'm divorced and living in the Atlanta area.  Have 2 sons (25 and 21).  The older son (Jon) graduated from the University of Georgia with a history degree and his goal is to get into the Foreign Service or CIA.  My younger son is a senior at Georgia Southern University majoring in Excercise Science leading to a degree in Physical Therapy. 

I regret to say that I have not been back to Clover Park HS since I graduated.  I was hoping to attend the 50th Anniversary but my schedule wouldn't allow it.  I was in Seattle a few weeks ago and wish it could have been held then.  If any of my classmates ever travel to Atlanta I would love to get together with them if they have time.  You are more than welcome to share my information with them.

Sure wish I could be at the 50th this year.  It would be great to see some '61 classmates again after all these years.

All the best.....Eric Moore

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Barbara Rieck (Morrow)
financial consultant Married 1 2012-08-06 20:02:47
After growing up traveling as a military dependent, seemed natural to me to do a lot of international studies at Barnard and Columbia, and later at Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics.   I took the first African studies program offered by Columbia, when it was not considered a real subject so was offered without credit. !!!  Also took Oriental Civilizations in great depth, so not only knew where Vietnam was before we were really involved, but its history.  
Wall Street called to me, for reasons perhaps different than anyone else's who ever worked there, namely because I am passionate about history, and the lure for me was that Wall Street is like going through a time machine to another era.    I was first female institutional account exec, and after joining Teachers Insurance, was a founder of the first international investment program in the US, including later emerging markets, which I helped the World Bank establish. 
Then I joined AIG, became a founder of their institutional global asset management business.  AIG is worth several novels even before the great sucking sound of extinction in 2008.   With the backing of Shell Oil's pension fund as a client I had created my own consulting firm, leaving AIG long before 08.  We do specialized global research ( such as on emerging markets and on cybersecurity), currency and risk advising, and help companies raise money through my affiliation with broker dealer IICC in Houston.   

One of my best ever adventures was as the white half of the two token female members of President Clinton's first mission to South Africa, led by Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, to lift all sanctions from South Africa, since Apartheid had ended. The delegation of 25, plus State Dept, secret service and various agency personnel flew over in Air Force 2, which was at that time of course assigned to Al Gore. The pilot we had, Colonel Snow, was a friend of and admirer of our classmate Brem Morrison, who had transferred in senior year as did I, from Wiesbaden Germany.  Brem had become pilot on Air Force 1, and of course I was very proud of him, even though I was surprised because I thought he was going to become a rock star.

I have had only one husband, Eric Morrow.  He and I were the first two section mates ever at Harvard Business School to  marry, so I tease him that he went from MIT to Harvard to find a wife. 

He and our marriage are alive and well, I am happy to say.  We lost some pregnancies but were blessed with a son, John, getting a degree in economics and interested in economic development as am I, almost did a career in Peace Corps. 

Chuck Creesy, whom I dated part of our senior year, did some time in Peace Corps also, which inspired and amazed me. We have stayed friends these many years, as I have with classmate Steven McGruder.  Steve has lived a more focused financial career, being an expert in new technologies, so I have learned a lot from him.  My husband Eric, after a career in consulting and venture capital, most of it in health care, decided to tackle a new career, and he just got another master's and is teaching the throw away kids in a public high school in the worst part of NYC's Bronx borough, and changing some lives, and enjoying it enormously.  I hope they give him a purple heart. 

I read that the best way to keep the brain healthy is to study, play games, as well as eat and sleep well and drink less than we will at reunion, but also to learn a new language.  As I am getting involved more in angel investing, one of the side benefits is learning entirely new technologies which always includes a lot of vocabulary. 

German was something I learned as a young kid, later became proficient for a while in French, learned some conversational Mandarin and Japanese, which is now almost forgotten, and can read most European languages, so wanted to tackle something new and studied introductory Tibetan for a while, quite exciting, like reading paisley.  Have not tackled a language in any depth at all since I did an intensive in Spanish in Quito, in 02, visiting my son in summer school there. .

My Dad is still alive, WWII medic and a teacher, rather like the character played by Tom Hanks in Savig Private Ryan, so will see him again while I am home. 

Great satisfactions:  movies, travel, beading, comparative religion (currently exploring Hinduism more deeply)  and foster parenting (Eric and I adopted as godchildren, two Rwandan survivors both of whom have graduated and gotten great careers underway.  I had to freshen up my French to help the younger one study for SAT's and learn to write papers in English, and to help him sometimes translate his engineering texts into enough French to understand them, and since I never took an engineering course before, that was indeed a stretch of my brain. 
This may sound as if I had a plan and went after it, but I am still trying to figure out what I will do when I grow up, all that has happened before has been what I stumbled into.  Best way to illustrate this is to describe the meeting with Nelson Mandela during the mission I mentioned.  Until then I had been treated as the token I was, chosen so the group would look diverse, but when Nelson Mandela greeted everyone and then stopped to talk to me about our meetings before, suddenly I was treated less as an after thought.  What no one in the delegation knew, though, is that I had met Mr. Mandela getting stuck in an elevator with him, he wearing a tuxedo with a lot of similarly dressed friends and colleagues and me wearing sweats returning from the gym, hardly an auspicious beginning.
Serendipity, like the rest of my life, both frustratingly unpredictable and rewardingly adventurous.  

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Michael O'Neal
Management Consultant Single 3 2012-08-06 20:02:53
Retired from US Army in 1982 as a Major. Worked 21 years in the corporate world in Project Management and Business Development. Began consulting practice in 2002 and am still working part time. Married to Merrilee Bye for 23 years, divorced in 1989. Married to Lucia for 22 years. Saved by the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ in 1991. Father of 2 sons, 1 daughter and grandfather to 6 grandchildren (ages 19-2). Favorite quote: "Let your yes be yes and your no be no" AND "we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Mary Jane Lehman (Ohl)
Retired Teacher Married 2 2012-08-06 19:56:50
Life is great!  I enjoyed teaching for 30yrs but retirement is alot more FUNMel and I enjoy living in Poulsbo, WA. and spending winters in Yuma, AZ.  We both enjoy golfing, I love to garden vegetables & flowers as well as do water color painting.  I have sold several paintings!  We have alot of fun doing short trips with our local RV group.
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