The 2016 Reunion Information has been updated.

             We will update periodically this portion of the website to show the Classmates who have indicated their intentions to attend the 55th Class Reunion festivities scheduled for September 9th -10th. This information may include some information extracted, in part, from other internet reunion/alumni web sites. We will not include on the list those who respond with a ‘maybe’.
 For your enjoyment, we have organized a ‘No-Host’ Friday Night Gathering, a Friday morning Golf Tournament, and a Saturday afternoon casual Luncheon at the Oakhouse Restaurant. 

             Those who plan to attend the Saturday Luncheon should pay in advance no later than August 27th.  Our treasurer Dave Thompson will gladly take your check (see the Details of Events for mailing instructions).  
             Anyone in the “Greater Lakewood” area (which includes those living between Bellingham and Olympia!) should be able to attend at least one of the functions. That most assuredly includes the Friday night TGIF at 'Foley's', the Meadow Park Golf Club Grille.  

            Weather should be terrific Friday morning at the Oakbrook Golf Course.  And lastly, do enjoy yourself during a relaxing Saturday Luncheon.
The 2016 Reunion Committee
Toni Appert (Lee)
Karen Deyton (Colleran)
Jim Halmo
Judie Heiser (Lehenbauer)
Steve Johnson
Karen Kasemeier (Patton)
Mary McCain (McAllister)
Chuck 'Sandy' McCallum
Chris McEachron (Hanson)
Sharon Martin (Kline)
Jane Pauley
Brad Poole
Tim Stratton
Pat Templin (Price)
Dave Thompson

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Bob Aaby
Eileen Paris (Alsbury)
Helen Cummings (Barton)
Karen Benke
Eileen Eckstrom (biles)
Roger Brown
Lee Burnett
Karen Dayton (Colleran)
Karen Deyton (Colleran)
Lynn Johnson (Couture)
Meg Dezell
William Dick
Ron Eaton
Harry Fox
Judy Morrow (Goodenow)
Virginia Guilford (Guilford)
Gayle Halmo
Jim Halmo
Chris McEachron (Hanson)
Steve Hanson
Karen Benke (Harris)
Larry Harris
Wes Hilton
Phil Jacobs
Beth Freckleton (Julian)
Jerry Julian
Judie Brown (Kasemeier)
Marvin Kasemeier
Judy Urdahl (Kimura)
Sharon Martin (Kline)
Bill Krapf
Carol Skok (Krapf)
Lowell Laren
Mary Dooley (Larsen)
Toni Appert (Lee)
Richard Linbo
Linda MacGregor
Mac MacGregor
Kathy Irwin (Manley)
Pete Manley
Peter Manley
Lael Harris (Maurins)
Mary McCain (McAllister)
Chuck (Sandy) McCallum
Pennie Firestone (McCallum)
Sandy McCallum
Dave McGoldrick
Jeanne Samuelson (McGoldrick)
William Morrison
Gary Mustain
Carol Stromme (Nickelsen)
Karen Kasemeier (Patton)
Brad Poole
Pat Templin (Price)
Carol Postelnick (Rasmussen)
Duane Rossman
Elizabeth Skarshaug
Evelyn Dunman (Smith)
Leroy Smith
Richard Smith
June Halmo (Steinfeld)
Tim Stratton
Dave Thompson
Joan Barrett (Twigg)
Bill Yost
Sharon Yost
Total 66